Help Our Project

We are so grateful and empowered by the support of our contributors.   

Thanks to three generous donations, we have now reached our goal, and the vegetable oil-powered truck will be repaired. We will be bringing it to the Great March for Climate Action as quickly as possible.

Below is the growing list of our gracious sponsors.  They are the "wind beneath our wings"! Thank You, With Love!

The Excellent Sponsors of Pacing the Planet:

Tom Cowen

Lindsay Smith

Chrissie Sudgen

Chris Caramella

Frank Cicela

Kathleen Jones

Larry Kaplowitz

Christopher Theal

Mike Jones

Richard Linsenburg

Sara Ricklen 

The Possibility Alliance

Maggie Horton-Brande

Janis Abel Hyde 

Bluma Swerdloff Magical Matriarch Memorial

Metzer Farms

David Pullman

Laura Jaworski and Penn Taylor

Bodhi G.

Special Thanks to Jason and Laura, proprietors of Whispering Oaks Campground in Story City, IA, for helping every aspect of our project.

The ~Fairy God Parent~ Sponsors of Pacing the Planet:

~Terri U'Prichard~

~Zoe Maloney~
~Debby and John Pellikan~

~Andrew and Andria Dugas~

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