...because I really want to be "Granny," someday...

I am writing because I cannot sleep, with things I want to say and share with the world, swirling through my consciousness.  I got up to pee, because I am pregnant... pregnant ladies have to pee 3-5 times every night.  But as I said, this time my passion overtook my exhaustion, not allowing me settle back to sleep.

And the internet is down, I find.  So I've opened up the virtual notepad to get some of these thoughts onto "paper" and, hopefully, out of my head for tonight!

Now I've just heard a sound outside...it sounded like someone moving our metal garden wagon...a quiet clanging of the handle being let back onto the siderail.  If that is being caused by a human, it would indicate a strong likelihood that someone has entered our yard through the unlocked front gate, and penetrated the open door of our twenty-foot yurt-dome tent which we use for a bike shed and storage garage for tools and yard stuff.  We have nice road bikes in there, which we've fixed up to be able to be our primary form of transport here at home.  Trailers, Trailabikes, a whole large-families-worth of bicycle fun with reasonable theft-value, for people who would so pursue resell-able items.
I keep hearing noises.  Now in the bathroom.  Are the cats super active right now?! The geese just honked, down in the yard.  Three and a half thousand years ago, geese honking alarm in the middle of the night saved Rome from their enemies sneaking up in the darkness.

But I do not have any personal enemies, and if someone is compelled, on this night, to steal from our dome, I think I'm entirely prepared to accept it.  That means that I'm probably not going to run outside in my t-shirt and panties, screaming like a banshee, pulling up my shirt and yelling "WATCH OUT FOR BOOBIE TRAPS!"  We'll see, I have that plan in reserve, if I change my mind. 

Allow me to speak metaphorically for a while, if you will.

I do have enemies, though, because I am a conscious figment of God.  I know the wonder of God, and I know that I am the wonder of God, as are my children, and the cats and geese, and the thief in the dome.  Even my enemies are broken-off crystal shards, who have been violently separated from their larger sacred crystaline origin.
My enemies have taken a position of opposition to humanity, as well as to all of the life forms on our planet.  I, being a whole and passionately inspired human animal, will never abide their agenda.  Like predator and prey, we are natural enemies.  If I stood aside in complacency, tolerating rape and plunder, I would be in basic denial of my natural purpose.  I will fight to the death for beauty and truth, and for the right of my children to live and to love.  I will fight to the death against the fate my enemies have been arranging for my children.

Though it seems logically probable that I will lose the fight, and watch my children, as teenagers perhaps, die from critical lack of water or food.  I will know, in that event, that I have done everything I could think to do to create alternative systems and cultural shifts:  I have undertaken countless personal transformations, rising to meet my own sacred wisdom, and leveling up to new heights of personal power...translating my power into action at every noticed opportunity. Knowing that I did everything I could to preserve their lives and freedoms, I will be prepared to accept their deaths. 

Truly, that is my family's trajectory, and we are heading there fast.  And if you aren't yet aware, I bear to you the unpleasant news that your family is facing the same medium-term future.  As we are the makeup of humanity -- the most conscious and widely capable animals on this planet -- we have these enemies in common.  And I'm wondering if you will help me to resist them. 

The enemies are individuals who have "sold their soul," or who have sacrificed their love and devotion to truth on the altar of greed, and in the pursuit of power.  They have also sold the lives and freedom of countless humans, creating foreign wars and playing our brethren soldiers as pawns.  Bless the poor soldiers' souls, whose lives were sacrificed for the greed of Capitalistic domination! 

I accept that they have become my enemy.  I do not mean them any fundamental harm as individual godlettes, but I will stand over their dead bodies, if necessary, with the clear conscience of a conscious human warrior. 
When our enemies sold their souls, or, when they turned to the dark side (choose any analogy that makes sense to you), they, too, were knowingly accepting this relationship with us.  For, they know in their deepest hearts their own origin in the magnificence of love and perfection (as we all do), and so they also know, in that core place within, that they have become traitors to God, to the whole of life.

The enemies have taken over our economic and governmental systems.  That is to say, they are at the heads of the largest corporate entities on our planet, the fossil fuel industry, and they have politicked and maneuvered their dollars, so that they are also "wearing the pants" in our government. 

Their systems are built on exploitation, and they shamelessly scour the earth overturning mountains in search of another virgin pocket of nature to rape.  The sacred people of other lands are accepted by our enemy as having only as much value as their existence can contribute to the profit of the corporations.  Many of the world's people are hungry and desperate, but our incomprehensibly rich enemies do not opt to uplift them.  Rather, they "capitalize".

But, if you ask me, the most sinful thing that our enemy does is that they lie.  They use their god-given endowments of charisma and intelligence, or in many cases, just employ the basic human capacity to build a skill, and they learn how to use words to twist reality to their will.  To defeat our awareness of their nature and the ramifications of their agenda, they design doubt-instilling propaganda and pay for the psychological onslaught of advertisements and media coverage of their brain-washing material.

I do not exaggerate, you must know.  They have literature and private workshops which have helped them to learn effective ways to use language to dupe the masses and for the most part, we are standing, stupefied.  We know something is not right, but we can't quite pin down the source of evil, and we are not able to track the speed of the card tricks.  In many cases, we are head down, contributing our strength and leaning our weight into the mechanism of their evil machinery.

 We are, then, the unknowing "useful idiots" (that is their term, not mine) propelling the thriving of our own enemies, yet convinced that we are doing the best that we can for our own families, bringing home the paycheck.  Many of us have not yet developed the discernment to recognize on sight the difference between the dark side and the light.  And most of us surrender that assessment, sheep that we are, opting to shuffle with the herd, unsure where we are being led, but trusting that it is safer and wiser to stay with the pack. 

That is why I say that we will probably fail to defeat our enemy.  And though am doing everything that I can do to know that I have done my part to rescue my children's world, I will fail without your help.

We may look into each others' eyes as we die together, in twenty or fifty years, from the hyper-extreme temperatures and impossible weather patterns which are just beginning their fast track to overwhelming the ingenuity of man...  Though we may share a final moment of mutual appreciation and gratitude, I wonder if we couldn't just cut to the chase, and reclaim our sense of wonder now. 

It is so clear to me, as it is to many people who are already fully invested in this movement to restore the will of good to our species and salvage some balance in the systems of nature, that we need many thousands more people to join our fight if we are to have any real chance in this.  Geologically, this is the very last split second in which we might choose as a species to alter our behaviors enough to divert our collision course with destruction.

 We have five years in which to make these profound changes and after that time we will know our fate, beyond a doubt.  There is so much man-made carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and of course, we continue to pump up increasing tons of it every year, that our planet has become covered by a smothering blanket -- excess heat can no longer escape quickly enough. The life forms (including my yet-unborn child) which have, over the course of millions of years, genetically adapted to this world, will no longer be welcome here.  Burned or drowned, homeless, without drinkable water, or without food, we will all die. 

Yes, even our enemies will be dying with us in these yonder days.  Though they may pay worthless pawns to build fancy bubbles for the richest of them to live in for some period, extending their lifespan beyond ours a short distance, the destruction which they have wrought will necessarily take them down too.  Because, that is how insane is is going to get here.

Or, maybe we should stop them? 

 (written by Dana)