Headquarters, Sweet Headquarters - Week 5

(by Dana)

At the end of last week we had pretty much "had it up to here" with the tent camping and schlepping all of our possessions between camp and the supply truck in the rain.  And with carting or biking all of ourselves to and from the start- and endpoints of our walk and our temporary land-based camp.   
This week we were gifted a traveling headquarters.  We found a well-maintained vintage travel trailer and an angel/sponsor who was joyful to help us streamline the logistics of our walk.  We are constantly grateful for the drastic improvements which this addition to our project entails.  
Amazingly, the trailer has beds enough for all of us.  It has all kinds of secret storage nooks and cabinets.  And a closet for hanging clothes.  And a bathroom with a shower!?   And a kitchen!  We can bake gluten free bread on the road!  Wow.  
We have more flexibility now with where we can camp.  For instance, you can't set up a tent in a superstore parking lot, yet many megamarts are friendly toward overnight RV camping.  Or, we can park on the street beside a neighborhood playground, so that we can watch the kids playing together after a long days walk while we season pasta "in the kitchen".
We continue to enjoy walking, and having Egon and Poppy with us now creates even more possible permutations for who is walking, who is riding, or even who is skating or biking (when we have trail on our route that is safe for it).  They had been a bit nervous, I think, that they would not be up to pacing with us, or that they would not enjoy it.  But now they have learned that it is pretty easy most of the time.  And that it is one fun adventure after another!  
After moving into the trailer and taking a couple of days to learn how it works and catch up on its basic maintenance requirements, we finished our walking to Ames, Iowa.