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Here is a sample of what we've been reading recently, and some sources for information we quote in our articles and presentations. 
Dana's added some miscellaneous click-worthy (less geeky) links, too.  

Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone. Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

Video: James Hansen, Ted Talks.  Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change 

Kevin Anderson. Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous (Slideshow)

Kevin Anderson, Alice Bows, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Beyond 'Dangerous' Climate change: Emissions Scenarios for a New World

Barry Brook. 2008 JDStewart Address (University of Sydney). Averting Catastrophe: Reasons and Ways to Tackle Climate Change
Brave New Climate, Blog of Barry Brook  
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Climate Change: Drought May Threaten Much of the Globe Within Decades

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Theme issue: "Four degrees and beyond: the potential for a global temperature increase of four degrees and its implications"

Here is the simplest, best explanation that we have yet found for impending catastrophic climate change, and the very small window of time we have to do something about it. Note that David Roberts says we have 5-10 years to avert the runaway increase of 6-12 degrees C -- which, if it happens, will make life on Earth as we know it unbelievably difficult. He suggests that, due to the CO2 increase from the last 50 years, we are going to almost certainly rise more than 2 degrees C above pre-industrial temperatures, probably at least 4 degrees.
Unfortunately, since his Ted Talk, the timelines for this catastrophe have accelerated.  

Chasing Ice (Artsy)
Home (Grand)
Sharkwater (Sharky)
The Age of Stupid (Real-life "science fiction")
Climate of Doubt (Re: climate change denialism) (link below)
Planet Ocean (OMG)
Thin Ice (Science-y/Kiwi-ish)

Skeptical Science; great resource to help us each clear out our own cobwebs of confusion


  1. Please consider adding this link that aired the other night on PBS. It is very current and worth watching, examining the success the corporate interests have had in pushing their agenda.

    1. Yes sir;ma'am! We're pleased with it as a current update for "The Denial Machine". It is good for understanding the manufacturing of doubt and political intimidation by corporations/tea partiers. It does not serve as a good source for people who want to understand the current climate science...but it is the most important place to start...people first want to understand that they have been tricked. Curiosity about the current science will follow. Thank You, friend!

    2. You're welcome, and thank you...I especially enjoyed the historical clips at the end with Barack Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich with Nancy Pelosi all talking about the necessity to take action on climate change. Amazing how the conversation has changed in the last few years! I think that once people realize they have been tricked, even those without an understanding of the science will be open to the consensus of real scientists.


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