Seeking legal representation

As we count down the final days before we embark on our walk to raise awareness of climate change, we are lining up many logistical details to ensure that we have the safest and most effective journey that we can plan, especially for our three children who are joining us.

Our action plan so far is entirely within the realm of education and advocating preparedness. We do not intend, at this time, to engage in unlawful civil disobedience.

Nonetheless, not every person that we encounter may necessarily feel comfortable with our endeavor, nor with our children's involvement. For these reasons, we are seeking to secure, in advance of our walk, pro bono legal representation for our family, so that we can be prepared, should we meet unexpected legal or law-enforcement resistance to our action.

If you know of a pro bono legal service or individual lawyer who would be qualified to represent us in the jurisdictions where we will be walking, please let us know. We would also appreciate references to anyone who can help guide us in this matter, even if they are not qualified to represent us.

For the first two months, our intended route will take us into Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Pacing the Planet will, to the best of our ability, follow a pre-planned route, be supported by known contacts with lodging and supplies for us. We will be following the Rules of the Road, obeying traffic laws etc. However, we want to be prepared if law enforcement attempts to bully us with threats of child endangerment charges, or some other charge related to negligence.

If you can help, please let us know! 

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